What is Wegovy?

Wegovy is the brand name for semaglutide, which is a GLP-1 receptor agonist. GLP-1s are a type of medication that’s used to help with weight loss. They work by mimicking a hormone called GLP-1 that the body naturally produces after eating.

Your plan and pricing

Wegovy is a once weekly injection. It comes in a pre-filled injectable pen with a disposable needle. It comes in different doses. The starting dose is 0.25mg for the first month and is then gradually increased each month until the maximum dose of 2.4mg. Increasing the dose slowly like this helps your body to get used to the new medication.
Month 1
(Weeks 1-4)

Month 1

0.25mg each week


Month 2
(Weeks 5-8)

Month 2

0.5mg each week


Month 3
(Weeks 9-12)

Month 3

1mg each week


Month 4
(Weeks 13-16)

Month 4

1.7mg each week


Month 5
(Weeks 17+)

Month 5

2.4mg each week


What’s the evidence?

Wegovy is a licensed medication for weight loss that’s backed up by science. There have been a number of large trials and studies done that show that it is safe and effective in helping people lose weight.


One study, published in the prestigious science journal Nature Medicine, found that semaglutide (the active ingredient in Wegovy) ‘led to substantial, sustained weight loss’ over 2 years and that users lost up to 15 per cent of their body weight.


Another major study found that participants using semaglutide (the active ingredient in Wegovy) lost 5 times more weight than those using diet and exercise alone.


What’s more, there’s also some evidence that the drug can have additional benefits to health as well as weight loss. In one study from the manufacturers, they found that it cuts the risk of heart attack or strokes by as much as 20 per cent in people who were overweight or obese.

Key things to remember:

Eat a healthy diet

While on Wegovy it’s important to eat a healthy, nutritious diet. Plenty of fruit and vegetables and remember to drink plenty of water. Many people on Wegovy report a decreased interest in things like processed, fatty foods. That’s fine! But remember to keep eating a good balanced diet as this will mean your body continues to get the nutrients and vitamins it needs.


We know that restricting calories alone isn’t as effective when it comes to weight loss as combining it with exercise. Regular exercise is also really good for both your physical and mental health. So it’s important to still take regular exercise even when on Wegovy. If you’re not used to exercising then try to start gently with things like a 20 minute swim. Patients who are overweight are sometimes self-conscious or find it physically difficult. We’ve found that as people start to lose weight they often become more motivated and less self-conscious. Wegovy is a great way to boost your self-confidence around exercise. As you lose weight, you’ll find your fitness levels increase and it will be easier to incorporate exercise into your routine.

Wegovy is designed to help people who are overweight or obese to lose weight. However, it’s not suitable for everyone and there are rules around who can and cannot be given the drug.

Am I suitable for Wegovy?

We’re unable to provide you with a prescription if:

• You’re under 18 or over 75
• You are not overweight or obese
• You’re using other weight loss medicines
• You have type 1 diabetes
• You have an eating disorder
• You have congestive heart failure or are taking warfarin
• You have thyroid cancer or a family history of thyroid cancer
• You have inflammatory bowel disease
• You have severe liver or kidney disease
• You have a history of pancreatitis
• You’re pregnant, breastfeeding, trying to conceive, or gave birth within the last 3 months
• You’re undergoing cancer treatment

Wegovy can be prescribed to patients with a BMI over 30, or patients with a BMI of 27 or above if they have an obesity-related illness. This will be checked as part of the online consultation.

This leaflet is written by the pharmaceutical company that make Wegovy and gives you all the information you need about the drug. While we’ve covered some areas on this website, it is essential you read this leaflet and understand it before using the medication. This leaflet is also included with the medication.