What to expect with Slimmr

We understand that starting your weight loss journey can be daunting and you might have questions about what to expect when you start treatment with Slimmr. Don’t worry. We have tried to make the process as simple and straight forward as possible for you. We thought it might be helpful though to give you a detailed breakdown of how our service works.

Safety first

Getting medications over the internet is, quite rightly, highly regulated and controlled. We know that there are some services that bend the rules around prescribing GLP-1 medication but everyone at Slimmr believes that the regulations are there to protect patients and so we are quite sticklers for the rules! They are designed to ensure that the prescribing is safe and that only those patients eligible and for whom it is appropriate get medication. We take our duty of care to our patients very seriously and this means that we have to ensure that it’s appropriate to prescribe for you. We’re sorry if we’re not able to prescribe for you but prescribing over the internet is very different to prescribing for a patient face to face and the rules are there to keep everyone safe.

Completing the consultation form

The first step on your weight loss journey with Slimmr is completing the medical consultation form. This form is carefully designed to ensure we have all the information we need to prescribe safely. It covers things like your weight, height, past medical history, your current medication and allergies. We’ve tried not to make it too long and boring but the questions we do ask are important. Wegovy and Mounjaro aren’t suitable for everyone so it’s important you answer these questions as honestly and accurately as possible. Not all patients are eligible for our programme. If you’re not eligible, then we’re really sorry.  This is for your own health and safety. If this is the case, we’ll let you know before you have completed the form. We aren’t allowed to give you a detailed reason why as this would mean people could return and change their answers.

Letting your GP know

Towards the end of the form, you’ll also be asked if you’d like us to inform your GP. We strongly recommend that you consent to us informing your GP, as this is safest. If your GP prescribes medication or you’re admitted to hospital, it’s important there’s a record that you’re taking Wegovy or Mounjaro. If you don’t want us to inform your GP then you’ll be asked to provide a reason. This will be reviewed by the prescriber when you submit the form and a decision made if they think it is safe to still prescribe. If you have diabetes that is managed by diet alone, or are on a stable dose of metformin, then you may still be eligible for our programme, but informing your GP is mandatory. This is also the case if your BMI is 27 and 30 and you have comorbidities.

Switching from another service

If you are moving from another service to ours, then welcome! You’ll be asked to confirm which dose you were on, when you last injected, how much medication you have left and provide us with evidence of this prescription. This can be uploaded to the form before it is submitted.

Support Packages

Before you submit your form, you’ll be given the option of buying additional support packages. You can read more about these here. If you don’t buy any packages but later on change your mind and would like additional support, don’t worry you can buy them separately. Just visit the add-on support part of the site and add them to your basket whenever you want.

Recycle your pens

At Slimmr we’re very conscious of the environment and are keen to limit unnecessary waste from the Wegovy pens. At checkout you’ll also be given the option of signing up for a free PenCycle Return Box sent directly to your door on the delivery of their first order. One box holds up to 12 pens and means that they can be recycled. Pens most often end up in people’s general waste and therefore landfill. The idea of PenCycle is therefore to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste and help the environment.

ID verification

For all patients we then ask you to complete an ID check. This is a quick, simple online process to confirm your identity and to make sure that only patients over the age of 18 are using our service. We use a secure online service that is government-certified and regulated by the FCA. It uses your online bank or bank app to confirm your identity. No money is taken and no one can see you bank details. This avoids the need for you to upload multiple documents to verify your identity.

Complete your order

You’ll then be asked to submit your form and pay for the medication, delivery and any add-on support you’ve selected. You’ll also be asked to select your preferred delivery date. Please note this may change if the prescriber needs to contact you to confirm any details as this may delay delivery by a day or two. If we are unable to prescribe for you, then you will be informed by email and the money you paid will be reimbursed within 5 working days.

Prescriber review

Once you submit your form, it will be carefully reviewed by one of our prescribers. They will check your answers to make sure it’s safe to prescribe. If you live in England, then they will check your Summary Care Record. This is a brief record of your medication and medical history that is accessible to pharmacies. If you live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland then we aren’t able to run this check, the prescriber will call you directly to go through this over the phone. If your GP is in England but you have opted out of sharing your medical records (Summary Care Record), the prescriber will phone you.

If there are any queries after you have submitted your consultation form, then a prescriber will call you to clarify things. Providing the form has been filled out correctly and all the necessary information given, we’re unlikely to have to contact you but it’s there just in case of any queries. This is free of charge.


Once the prescribers have confirmed your eligibility for the programme, they will arrange for medication to be sent directly to the address you supplied. You will be asked by the DPD courier to provide a PIN code so that they can hand over the medication. This PIN code will be emailed directly to you by DPD after your consultation has been approved. If you are not in when the delivery is made but you have arranged for someone else to be there, then it is ESSENTIAL that you provide them with the PIN otherwise the courier cannot hand over your medication. Please note that if you or another resident at the address opens the door for the courier and isn’t able to provide the PIN code, the parcel will be automatically returned to the pharmacy warehouse and a redelivery attempt will not be made. A further delivery attempt is charged at £20 to cover the cost of processing and redelivery.

Medication programme

Wegovy and Mounjaro are once weekly injections. They come with 4 needles so enough for one month. You will also receive a sharps bin to put used needles in. When this is full, it can be taken to any pharmacy who will dispose of it for you.

The starting dose of Wegovy is 0.25mg and this dose is increased each month to a final dose of 2.4mg. It should take a minimum of 5 months to get to this dose. Sometimes people experience side effects such as nausea and want to go slower. That’s fine, we can slow things down if you need it. Based on the guidance of our prescribing team, most patients will titrate up a dose each month, until they reach 2.4mg. This journey is designed to allow your body to adjust to the medication and manage any possible side effects you may experience. Clinical studies have shown that the most effective dose for weight loss is 2.4 mg. Which is why this is the recommended titration path for most patients.

The starting dose of Mounjaro is  2.5mg for the first month and is then gradually increased each month until the maximum dose of 15mg. It’s licensed for a maintenance dose of 5, 10 or 15mg which means you can stay on these doses if you prefer and are seeing the effects you wanted. Increasing the dose slowly like this helps your body to get used to the new medication.

‘While some people do start to see weight loss while still on the lower doses, remember that you’re unlikely to see the maximum benefit of GLP-1 weight loss medication until you are on the higher doses. It’s also really important that you exercise and eat a good, balanced diet and drink plenty of water while on either Wegovy or Mounjaro.

In order to make sure you always have enough medication and there are no gaps in your treatment, we will email you two weeks before your pen is due to run out to ask you to complete a brief online consultation about how you have been doing. This will check that it’s safe to continue prescribing and that you’re happy to increase the dose. If you want to remain on your dose for a further month, that’s fine, you can let us know then. After you submit this form we’ll ask for payment and then the medication will be sent out directly to you.

Once you are on a maintenance dose, we will email you every three months to complete a check-in. In between check-ins we will automatically take payment for your medication. You can contact us to cancel this at any time.

Your questions answered

Most people tolerate GLP-1 weight loss medication very well. However, if while taking either Wegovy or Mounjaro you experience side effects then there’s information about how to manage these in our FAQS. If you would like to speak to a prescriber about your side effects then you can arrange this through the contact page.

We’re very excited that you’ve chosen us to help you on your weight loss journey. We’re a new company and still learning as we go along. Patient satisfaction is really important to us so we’d love to hear from you. If you have any thoughts, good or bad, about our service. You can tell us here.