Add-on support

We know from studies that have been done into using Wegovy and Mounjaro that patients have the best outcomes when this medication is combined with some form of support. At Slimmr we strongly believe in patient choice and we are aware that some patients will already have their own forms of emotional, psychological or dietary support in place. However, we are also keen to ensure that, for those who want it, we are able to provide different types of support in addition to medication so that you can get the most from your weight loss journey and make lasting, meaningful change to both your weight and your relationship with food. We didn’t want to just offer generic ‘support’. We wanted to be able to provide you with specialist, tailored packages delivered by the country’s leading experts.

Take a look at the list below to see what kind of support might be good for you.

All our packages are delivered online, so anyone in the UK can access treatment from some of the most specialist experts in the country. We’ve developed a number of options depending on different needs.

Dietician Group

This group runs over 3 weeks and is designed to help people make meaningful and lasting changes to their diet. It is an online group and places are limited to 10 people per group.
The next available group starts on 16th May 2024.

Perfect for people who might feel overwhelmed by all the nutrition advice out there, especially on the internet, and how best to ensure they establish a good, healthy diet to help them on their weight loss journey.

This is a closed group, meaning that people can’t join half way through. It also means that if you miss a session, we won’t be able to repeat it, so if you sign up, make sure you’re able to commit to it.

Over the 3 weeks we will cover a range of topics. These include:

– General principles about good nutrition and diet

– How to ensure you get adequate nutrition while taking Wegovy or Mounjaro

– The importance of regular eating

Approx £58 per session over 3 weeks.

3 sessions are billed in advance at the total cost of £175.

Specialist Individual Dietician / Nutritionist

Making changes to your diet isn’t easy. If you are struggling with your nutrition while on Wegovy or Mounjaro, then you can arrange to speak to a specialist dietician/nutritionist to iron out any difficulties you are experiencing.

We have a number of specialist dieticians/nutrionists who are working with us and who have many years of experience of working with obese patients, helping them understand their dietary and nutritional needs. This is a one-off session although you can always come back and order more if you need it or the dietician recommends a follow up session.

£150 per 1 hour session

Specialist Psychoeducation Group

Over the course of eight on-line group sessions, reset your relationship with food; understand how to maintain new eating and exercise habits; reduce emotional eating and improve body image. Led by a specialist psychologist, each weekly session is 90 minutes. Places are limited to 10 people per group.  
Groups will take place on Monday evenings at 7:15 pm – 8:45 pm

This psychoeducation group will provide you with many tools to understand and change your relationship with eating, exercise and body image. By the end of the group, you will have created an individual road map to help you stay on track to achieve and maintain health benefits while using Weygovy and beyond. Learning together and sharing experiences, the group format provides additional support on what can be a lonely journey.  Consistent feedback from participants highlights how valued this aspect of the group is, and because of this it is a closed group, meaning new people can’t join halfway through.  Each session builds on the last and for this reason it is important not to miss a session, so please ensure you can attend at least six out of the eight sessions.    

Over the course of the eight sessions we will cover a range of topics including: 

  • What to expect on the journey with Wegovy or Mounjaro
  • Understanding eating habits from a psychological perspective 
  • Reflecting on your relationship with food, eating, weight loss, exercise and your body 
  • Establishing an eating pattern that supports weight loss maintenance in the long term 
  • Developing confidence in tackling emotionally driven eating 
  • Learning how to change a habit and maintain healthier habits 
  • Reducing body image issues 
  • Building self-compassion, giving you a greater ability to learn from set-backs and overcome challenges 
  • Creating a personal roadmap to include early warning signs of coming off track and ways to get back on track. 

£56.25 per session over 8 weeks

8 sessions are billed in advance at the total cost of £450.

Specialist Individual Psychotherapy

Some people might decide that they would prefer to see a specialist psychologist on a one to one basis, so we have two packages available, one for 6 sessions, the other for 12 sessions.

Seeing a psychologist on an individual basis means that the sessions and treatment can be tailored specifically to you.

All our individual psychology sessions are delivered on line, by registered psychologists so you know you are getting the best possible professional help.

The sessions include one assessment session at the beginning where the psychologist will talk to you about your goals, struggles and what you want to achieve and make a plan with you on what to address in the remaining sessions. This is a kind, compassionate and judgement-free space for you to explore and understand your feelings.

If you buy a package, then you’ll be emailed directly to arrange a date and time that’s suitable for you to have your sessions. They will typically be weekly but towards the end of the package you may have the sessions spaced out over longer if you and your psychologist agree.

£140 per session for six sessions.

£130 per session for 12 sessions

6 sessions are billed in advance at the total cost of £840.

12 sessions are billed in advance at the total cost of £1560.

Psychiatric Assessment

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems. If you’re worried about your mental health, or you feel that embarking on your weight loss journey has brought up, then you might want to consider a psychiatric assessment.

Sometimes when someone has made changes to their lifestyle, they realise there are other things going on that are having an impact on their mental health. Depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, OCD and so on are all psychiatric conditions that can affect people from all walks of life. In order to understand this and get the best treatment, people undergo an assessment with a psychiatrist. This is a medical doctor who specialises in the assessment and diagnosis of mental illness and mental health problems. A psychiatric assessment can be very helpful for people to understand what is happening and the impact it’s having on their life. It’s more than just being given a label. An assessment gives you and the psychiatrist the opportunity to think about your symptoms, what’s troubling you, to go through your history and what’s happened to you and help you understand how your symptoms are impacting on your life. Part of the assessment is also thinking about treatment options and developing a plan to help you. Psychiatrists can also prescribe medication to help with mental health symptoms if necessary. Our psychiatrists have extensive experience in helping patients with obesity and issues relating to food.

£450 per 1 hour session

The dieticians and psychologists we work with are all experts in eating disorders. While being overweight isn’t an eating disorder, it means that they have expert and in-depth understanding in the struggles that people experience with making changes to their diet and the complex feelings and emotions that are sometimes associated with food.

This is why the NHS employ eating disorder specialists in obesity services and it’s why we are doing the same (in fact, many of the psychologists and dieticians we work with also work in these specialist NHS services). It means you can rest assured that anyone you see through Slimmr will understand your difficulties and struggles and have a wealth of experience and training to be able to help you.

This is a very specialist area, requiring further qualifications or training, but we feel that professionals who really understand what people are going through are best placed to provide the best kind of support. Yes, this does mean they may seem expensive, but we really believe that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. However, as we are always mindful of cost at Slimmr, we have developed treatment packages in the form of group treatment as this helps to keep the overall cost for each patient down. This is what is offered by the NHS and has a really good evidence base for it. Don’t worry if you’re a bit nervous about doing a group, it can take a bit of getting used to, but rest assured that it is a supportive, caring and non-judgemental setting. Everyone there understands what you’re going through. If you decide that, despite this, a group isn’t for you, then don’t worry, we also offer individual options too.